Preorder MTH 2016 Volume 2 Items.

The new MTH 2016 Volume 2 Catalog is now out for those who don’t know. I’ve got my eye on a couple of items that I going to pre-order.

20-20680-1 – MBTA F40PH – I already own the PS2 version of this engine, so might get a pass

20-30648-1 EMD GP38-2 NS First Responders

And Finally, after waiting almost 10 years for a re-issue and I’m still kicking myself to this day not getting them years ago!

20-61030 and 20-61031 – 4 Pack + 2 Pack MBTA Double Decker (Bi-Level) Passenger Car Set!

Scenery Supplies are in..

My Scenery Supplies from ScenicExpress came in the other day. Happy to finally get some color down on the layout. Also my son and I walked a very short section of the Old Framingham & Lowell line locally in town, All the Rails and Ties have been pulled up but the Ballast is still on the ground on the section we walked, I thought what a great idea to take some of it and use it in the layout as “rocks”.

20160223_145234 20160223_145243